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Green Carbon is a project idealized by NDD – Digital Development Center, which is a Brazilian company that is a reference in the development of high technology and intelligence solutions for electronic fiscal documents, means of payment for freight, and management for printing outsourcing. Operating in more than 20 countries, the proposal for NDD solutions is, through intelligence and security, to streamline business, guarantee performance and bring results.

This care for people highlights our social characteristic, concerned with the community, its environmental impacts and responsibilities. With this, the project was born to contribute to the development of sustainable companies, neutralizing the CO² produced by printing, through the planting, concession and care of trees.

A project that helps to neutralize the carbon dioxide emission produced by the operations of companies

NDD Green Carbon Project

How the project works in practice

Based on the number of sheets printed at your company, we can calculate the number of trees needed to be granted.

Being a Green Carbon partner means promoting work, socio-environmental innovation and sustainability, since the investment in the project contributes to the maintenance of the trees we plant and the people involved in planting and caring for them.

We plant trees every cycle and grant them to our partners.

Green Carbon actively contributes to making your work environment sustainable and certified, as your company is entitled to display our seal that communicates to everyone your support for actions that cooperate with the environment.

We are responsible for the care of the trees to fulfill their function of neutralizing CO².

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Planting and Granting Trees

Being a sustainable company means seeing the future of your company in a much broader way, understanding that, when you have knowledge of an enterprise, it is possible to grow without harming the environment.

Planting and Granting Trees
Planting and Granting Trees

The planting and granting trees involves a series of procedures that are strictly respected by NDD, allowing the sustainability of the project based on environmental and forestry legislation.


The Green Carbon project has experienced engineers and management professionals who work in an environment appropriately equipped for the forest development.

Planting and Granting Trees

We show how many trees should be planted to neutralize emissions

Neutralize Your Emissions

Know how many trees will be needed to neutralize your emissions

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NDD Green Carbon Certification

NDD provides the Green Carbon certificate, proving that the company has contributed to nature and points out the number of trees planted. In addition to the certificate, the company will receive a green seal that demonstrates its concern for the environment.

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Enhancing your brand
Associating your company's brand with the sustainable concept increases the perception of value by consumers.

Green Carbon certificate display
Using a Green Carbon Seal generates credibility and communicates your certification as a sustainable company to all your customers, partners and society.

Possibility to create your own Seal
Work together with the ideals of Green Carbon and, thus, obtain your own sustainability project.

Discover our infrastructure

The NDD tree planting project is based on knowledge in the forestry area, where it has had reforestation for more than 10 years, in different ground.

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